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· domestic tourism; 
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· international outbound tourism.


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· flexible payment policy;
· wide range of tours and excursions;
· high quality of tourist services on route.


· elaboration of optimal routs and programs for individual tourists and groups to St.Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, lake Baikal and others;
· accommodation in the hotels of all categories, mini-hotels, hostels;
· transfers and other tourist transportation;
· railway and air tickets booking;
· business meetings and conferences complete arrangements;
· reservation of theatre, circus and others;
· professional guide service.


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Saint Petersburg

1 day

City sightseeing bus tour: «Discovering Palmyra of the North» during which you will be acquainted with many world-famous attractions (Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Admiralty, the Cabinet of Curiosities, the Spit of Basil's Island, Nevsky Prospect), and you will get a first impression of the most beautiful city in Russia, which is also a cultural capital of the largest country in the world – St. Petersburg! Guide tour to the Peter and Paul Fortress - a symbol of St. Petersburg and also the oldest building in the city.

2 day

Excursion to the State Hermitage. It is the largest museum of Russia and one of the most famous museums in the world. Visit to St. Isaac's Cathedral , the largest cathedral of Russia and the world's fourth biggest church.

3 day

Bus country excursion to Peterhof. Excursion to the Peterhof Grand Palace. The main landmark of the Peterhof ensemble is the Grand Palace. Before the revolutionary events it used to be the favourite place of rest for the members of the royal family, starting with the founder of the Russian Empire Peter the Great, who initiated development of these territories in 1709. 


1 day

Sightseeing car/bus tour of the city (St. Basil's Cathedral, House on the Embankment, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Vorobyovy Hills, Alexander garden, Poklonnaya Hill, State Duma, Bolshoi Theatre). Moscow Kremlin and Red Square guide tour (The Tsar Cannon, The Tsar Bell, Dormition Cathedral, Cathedral of the Archangel, Grand Kremlin Palace, St.Basil's Cathedral (exterior), Lenin's Mausoleum (exterior), GUM department store (exterior). 

2 day

Moscow Underground guide tour (history and architecture of Moscow metro stations, life of the Underground by day and night, legends and secrets). Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH) guide tour and Museum of Cosmonautics (life-size models of Space stations and ships, sections of the Mir Space station, 'space food', the collection of meteorites). 

3 day

Guide tour to Kolomenskoye State. Since the 15th century, Kolomenskoye served as a summer country residence for the Grand Dukes of Moscow and Russian Tsars. You will visit the wooden Palace of the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. Reconstruction of this Palace was finished in 2010.


1 day

Sightseeing car/bus tour of the city (old Tatar Settlement where Tatar residents lived since the 16th century, Textiles Settlement originating as a result of industrial reforms by Peter I, a new building of the Puppet Show, Kazan Federal University) - Excursion to simulated Tatar village Tugan Avylym (Native Village).

2 day

Guide tour to The Kazan Kremlin. The white-stone Kremlin is the heart of the ancient city that incorporates the culture of the East and West. Minarets of the main mosque of the city – Qul Sharif, and cupolas of the Annunciation Cathedral, oldest one in Kazan, shine with gold. Inside the fortress, there is one of the symbols of Kazan – the famous “leaning” tower of Tsarina Suyumbike.) A walking tour “Bauman Street”. Bauman Street is one of the most attractive places to walk for both residents and guests of Kazan. Night city tour “The Lights of Kazan” (by car/bus). The tour will include the brightest sights of the night city.

3 day

Tour “The Island Town of Sviyazhsk” (by car/bus). Sviyazhsk is a historical and cultural gem of the Republic of Tatarstan. In the past, the fortress served as a military outpost in the Volga region and a place to prepare troops for an assault against an unassailable fortress of Kazan. In the course of time, Sviyazhsk became a spiritual center of the Middle Volga. 


1 day

City tour of Kaliningrad (Victory Square, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the XIV century Cathedral, The grave of Immanuel Kant, World Ocean Museum, Lithuanian Val, historical and cultural center "Royal Gate", Vasilevsky Square, fortifications (end of XIX century). Walking tour “Old Konigsberg” – a walking tour through the streets of the old town. 

2 day

Guided tour of Svetlogorsk — a city with toy-houses and green streets is based on the Baltic Sea, and it gives its guests peace and magic clean air. Then we will go to Amber City — an urban-type settlement, which is the center of the Amber city district in the Kaliningrad region. Today the only amber plant in the world extracting and industrially processing amber is located here.

3 day

Curonian Spit — a national park and the sandy peninsula separating the freshwater Curonian Bay from the Baltic Sea. For 200 years, Curonian Spit has been of the favourite vacation spots for tourists. They are attracted by long clean sandy beaches on the coast of the Baltic Sea and the unique nature of the area. 

Golden ring

Usually the tour begins from Moscow, lasts from 6 hours to several days and depends on how many cities you want to visit.


SERGIEV POSAD developed around one of the greatest Russian monasteries in the 15th century, Trinity Lavra, that was established by St. Sergius of Radonezh. The Trinity Cathedral is the main building of the monastery. The interior walls are covered in icons which are, for the most part, the works of the great medieval icon painter Andrei Rublyov. 


PERESLAVL-ZALESSKY is known for its monasteries. Four of them are still functional. The main sight of this city is Transfiguration Cathedral, where the famous Prince of Russia Alexander Nevsky was baptised.


YAROSLAVL is usually known as the official capital of the Golden Ring. It was founded in 1010 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. And now it is one of the oldest cities that were built on Volga river. The Historical Centre of the City of Yaroslavl belongs to the World Heritage of UNESCO. The oldest building in this city is Transfiguration Monastery that was built during 1506-1516.


ROSTOV is famous for its unique Kremlin with its 13th bells (XVII c.) and Avramiev Monastery (XI c.). In this city you can really feel what Russia was in the past.


The main attraction for KOSTROMA is Ipatiev Monastery (with its Trinity Church) that was founded in 1330. It has played the main role in Russian history during the XVI and XVII centuries. In this place, on March 14, 1613 the Zemsky Sobor announced that Mikhail Romanov, who had been in this monastery at that time, would be the Russian tsar. So now it has got the nickname as the Home of the Romanov’s Dynasty.


IVANOVO is famous, above all, for its monuments of the constructivism epoch (the 30s of the 20th century). It is forever connected with its once booming textile trade, which led to the city being known as Bride City and Russian Manchester.


VLADIMIR is a very historically important city. It is somewhat more industrial than its neighbour, city of Suzdal, but its Golden Gates, St Demetrius' Cathedral and the Dormition Cathedral are UNESCO protected and are the masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture.


SUZDAL is often called the “jewel” of the Golden Ring cities: if you are going to visit some of them, then Suzdal should definitely be on your list. The town dates back to 1024. Among its attractions are the Spaso-Yefimiev Monastery and museums of the Kremlin. In addition, there are four other monasteries in the city and an open-air museum of wooden architecture. 


Lake Baikal, which is often called the Well of the Planet or the Pearl of Siberia, is one of the world's renowned wonders attracting thousands of tourists. With its pure water, unique nature, abundant flora and fauna and original culture of the indigenous peoples Baikal has become one of the top tourist destinations both in Russia and the world.

There are various ways of touring Baikal: you may stay at a hotel or tourist lodge on the coast, choose a cruise or sightseeing itinerary or participate in some outdoor activities. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages; none of them are just good or bad – everything depends on your preferences.

The shortest tour lasts 4 days and includes city-tour in Irkutsk and excursion to Listvyanka Village to explore the Lake.

On the way to Baikal you can make a stop in Taltsy Ethnographical museum to learn about the life of people living in this area.


While traveling in Russia, a cruise can be an excellent opportunity for a better understanding of the Russian soul. A Russian river cruise is not a simple trip from one point to another - it's an unforgettable experience that will remain in your memory for all your life. While cruising, you can enjoy unique Russian cuisine and decorative art, immerse yourself in history of Russia and visit the greatest Russian cities.

You can choose a short boat trip around the city or a whole-day trip, but we highly recommend planning a full cruise. The most popular routs are: Saint Petersburg - Moscow / Moscow – Saint Petersburg, Moscow – Astrakhan / Astrakhan – Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod – Moscow. For example, cruise from Saint Petersburg to Moscow lasts 11 days, includes 5 stops with excursion program, various activities on board (music concerts, tasting parties, cooking master classes, talent shows, etc.)
and catering package.


1. day

Olympic Park is the first stage of the excursion. It includes an observation of the following Olympic infrastructure in Imeretin valley (costal cluster): the «Fisht» Olympic Stadium , the «Shayba» Arena, the «Bolshoy Ice Dome», the Ice Cube Curling Centre, the “Iceberg” Skating Palace, the «Adler» speed skating Arena, as well as the Formula 1 track

2. day

Panoramic city tour to see the city's main attractions, including the Pushkinskaya Library, the Canon and Anchor monument, the Primorskaya Hotel and the Winter Theatre, Matsesta and Saint Prince Vladimir Cathedral, Riviera Park and the Sea Port, which has recently been enlarged and reconstructed to meet the flow of visitors during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

3. day

Full-day trip to Krasnaya Polyana. During the trip you will make a photo stop at the Monastyr village and enjoy a marvellous view of the Akhtsu Cave; you will go through the longest underpass in Russia (2420m) opened in 2005. Then you will arrive at Chvizhepse narzan spring, where you will have an opportunity to taste chalybeate mineral water. Finally, you will arrive at the village of Krasnaya Polyana.